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Media Release: Shotgun Sheila's Blowing Holes in the Wedding Industry

There are lots of outdated and sexist rituals in marriage that no longer fit modern love. Many couples are still practicing traditional wedding rituals, like being ‘given away’ and fighting over the bouquet. Even the term ‘Maid of Honour’ could do with an overhaul. You’d hope the landscape of marriage would be evolving post Marriage Equality.

With venues restricting numbers and much uncertainty, couples are opting for Shotgun Weddings, with their best mates or chosen family as witnesses.

Forget everything you know about marriage and meet the Shotgun Sheilas, Renee the Celebrant and Em Jensen, film photographer. These guns do kitsch hitchin’s, in retro record bars around Melbourne. Renee has a relaxed attitude and often rides into weddings on her motorbike. “There’s a whole movement of rule-breakers who are changing the way marriage is done for good. It isn’t just LGBTIQ+ people who want to do marriage differently” says Renee who was part of the Marriage Equality campaign.

Many engaged couples are unsure what’s necessary to get married or how much of wedding culture is just peer pressure. Alternative wedding Celebrant, Renee Thompson says “There are very few rules to a marriage ceremony, I’ll walk you through the legal stuff, everything else is fair game. You don’t even need to exchange rings to be legally married, although most couples do. Some couples opt for matching tattoos or piercings instead”.

Wedding photographer Em Jensen said “The wedding industry needs a shake-up. For too long we’ve been told weddings need to be crazy expensive and subject to a gazillion corny traditions. We’re offering a low-key alternative to this. You don’t have to blow your life savings on your wedding - It can be as fun, simple and relaxed as hanging out at your favourite local. Make it about you, that’s what getting hitched is all about”.

So, forget months of stress and obligation to invite your long-lost cousins to something tradish just to make it offish. Shotgun Sheila’s kitsch hitchin’s are the new normal.

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For more info contact or Renee 0415 726 262

Instagram links: @emjensenweddings + @renee_the_celebrant

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